Whitehill Former Pupils’ Club

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1. Send an e-mail to secretary@whitehillfp.org with your name, contact details, the dates

when you attended the school and the name of the person you wish to contact.

2. We will place your request on the website and forward any replies to you. We will NOT include

your contact details in the information on the Website.

3. To reply to a post: send an e-mail to secretary@whitehillfp.org which we will forward to the original enquirer.

N.B. You can also find friends via the Whitehill Secondary School page on Facebook.

Find a Friend

Alice Baird (nee Shortt), who lives in Wellington, New Zealand

 I have just rediscovered the Whitehill FP web page and would like to be put on the mailing list for future newsletters.
 I attended from 1953 to 1959. My name then was Alice Shortt and I was a prefect in my last year.  Along with about 12 other girls I went on to Jordanhill Teacher’s College.
 In 1975, we moved to New Zealand and still live here.  I have been back to Scotland many times but was never in contact with others from Whitehill.
 It was quite exciting to look again at photos and articles relating to the school.  I recognised a lot faces.
 I would be interested to know of any other former pupils who live here in New Zealand or Australia.  I did get to know one person, Bill Mason who had lived in Onslow Drive, but he sadly died some years ago.

From Bill Aitken (not a Whitehill FP, but close enough).

I’m looking to contact anyone who left Thompson Street Primary School P7 for Whitehill way back in 1966.  At that time, I lived in Millerston Street and was supposed to come to Whitehill but, due to redevelopment of the area, my parents moved out to Knightswood.

In my 5th year at Victoria Drive Secondary, Whitehill debating society invited me and a friend of mine to  be guest speakers at Whitehill, and I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Finlayson, one of my former  classmates.  Later, I trained as a teacher and actually conducted one of my teaching practices in the old “ Alcatraz” building.  Great fun.

At any rate, I’d love to get back in touch with anyone from that time.  I’m not an “fp”, but I’m an “ almost-fp”. Does that count?