Whitehill Former Pupils’ Club

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Original School, Whitehill Street

Whitehill Secondary School on Whitehill Street in Dennistoun in the early 1970s.

Jack House, Alasdair Gray, Adam McNaughton, Ricki Fulton and Dorothy Paul are some of the famous Glaswegians who attended the school. Many other former pupils have had distinguished careers in medicine, industry, academia, law and public service.

In 1883 the Glasgow School Board acquired Dennistoun Academy, the private school that had been erected earlier on the site. It was renamed Whitehill Public School for Girls but soon demolished and replaced by the building in this photograph, opened in 1891 by John Neilson Cuthbertson, the chairman of the Board.

Whitehill Public School's first headmaster was James Henderson, previously the head of Thomson Street Public School. His aversion to turning away pupils meant that Whitehill became one of the most overcrowded schools in the city. Around 1902 it became a Higher Grade School and it stepped up to full secondary status in 1921. In 1967 it became a comprehensive school and in 1977 pupils were moved to the new Whitehill Secondary School on Onslow Drive, built on a site which had belonged to Golfhill Cricket Club.

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