Whitehill Former Pupils’ Club

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The annual dinner, held at the Marriott in Glasgow on 15th March, was acknowledged by all to have been a great success. Good food, a good venue and excellent company topped off by an inspirational speech and toast to the school by Mr Jamie Allan Brown one of our younger former pupils who has already achieved so much in his short career. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr Lillious Purvis, who will celebrate, this May, her 90th birthday. Lillious grew up in the east end of Glasgow during WW2, attended Whitehill in the 1940's and went on to Glasgow University from where she graduated with an M.A. However after a short teaching career, she returned to university to study medicine. She had to work weekends and evenings to pay her way and had to fight her way through the “system” to finally succeed in her chosen field. Lillious gave a short acceptance speech, addressed to us all, but specifically fitting for the current pupils in attendance. Her message was to never give up, work hard and achieve your goals whatever they are and do the right thing.

     Dr Lillious Purvis with pupils          Jamie Allan Brown          Iain McLean

The evening closed, with Robin Brunton passing on the president's badge to Iain McLean. Iain gave a short speech summarising his years at the school and his career in industry. He thanked Robin for his two years as president and finally gave the vote of thanks to the hotel staff and the committee.