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George Wellesley Barrie – age 22 – Leading Aircraftman (547360) 98 Squadron, Royal Air Force

Born 1918 in Rangoon, Bengal, India. (Burma , now Mayanmar)

Son of William George and Muriel Enid (Sandys) Barrie. (Source: CWGC)

Mrs. M E Barrie 24 Masters G W Barrie 3½  & R G Barrie1½ sailed from Liverpool to Rangoon on 31/12/1921 Home address in Southampton. Ronald G Barrie was born Dec Q 1920 in Southampton.

William and Muriel married in India

Missing in Action/Lost at Sea on 17 June 1940.

Commonwealth War Grave – Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.

For the first nine months of the war, No. 98 served as a reserve squadron and during the period April/June 1940, was based in France flying Fairey Battle light bombers. On 17 June 1940 the RMS Lancastria, which was carrying most of No. 98's personnel back to the UK, was bombed and sunk off the port of St.Nazaire. Seventy-five airmen of the squadron were officially reported lost and fifteen others are believed to have perished. (Source:rafmod.uk)